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About Paychex Payroll Services

Paychex handles payroll and human resources tasks for small and medium size businesses alike. Paychex’s history dates back to 1971, when it began as a one-person operation. Since then, the company has grown to employ over 12,000 people and has over 100 offices located throughout the U.S. Presently, over a half a million businesses outsource their payroll processing to Paychex. The company provides a variety of services and tailored solutions to efficiently meet small business needs.

Paychex’s offerings are primarily focused on payroll related services, however there a myriad of other services are also offered. With the payroll management service, businesses can streamline the process of getting employees paid by utilizing the online payroll system. The online system is complete with mobile support. It also allows business owners to consult payroll records and manage their payroll account by simply connecting to the internet.

Paychex also oversees the collection of all applicable taxes and can even help with tax e-filings. Aside from the payroll service, Paychex can act as an outsourced Human Resources team. Paychex offers specialized software to automate and calculate employee attendance records. This electronic system is seamlessly connected with the payroll services to maximize efficiency.

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Paychex Quick Facts

# Employees:12,000+
# Clients:Approx. 600,000
Headquarters:Rochester, NY
Ticker Symbol:PAYX

Advantages of Using Paychex Payroll Processing

The advantages of using Paychex are numerous. First, company managers and owners are able to delegate time consuming payroll tasks to a trusted provider who specializes in the process. This allows businesses to work on other more important affairs. Companies also save money by not having to maintain an entire human resources department. Furthermore, management will not have to invest expensive HR software programs to manage their workforces.

Paychex Enterprise Payroll Solutions

Paychex can also assist in enterprise-level solutions. Paychex offers an expense tracking system with analytical capabilities for cost management. The enterprise-level services also include disbursing paychecks (on behalf of the company) to employees through paper checks or direct deposit. Additionally, Paychex can administer the new employee hiring process by providing an online application process and tracking information from potential employees. This product, All My Staffing Pro, also includes free hiring outreach via popular social media mediums. Paychex can further assist in the hiring process by performing screening, background checks, and benefits administration.

Paychex Online Payroll Improves Accessibility

Paychex employees are always available to assist with products and services. Companies working with Paychex will be assigned a local salesperson and payroll specialist. These experts are available to aid in the use of any products, and to assist in the set up of new services. However, if a business seeks self-service options, Paychex has it covered. As described above, the online payroll system allows company managers to submit payroll documents online, and to preview the numbers before submitting for processing. The online system also allows importing information stored on Paychex’s system to be used in internal accounting systems.

In this increasingly mobile world, managers need access payroll information while on the go. Paychex’s mobile app allows company executives to access their payroll plans from an Android or iOS mobile device. Managers can carry out the same actions as the desktop version through the customized mobile interface. Information on benefits and retirement packages are also viewable on the app. Employers can even pull up pay stubs to immediately provide them to employees.

Find Paychex Payroll Services in Your State

Is Paychex Payroll the Right Choice for You?

Many businesses have found that Paychex is the right fit for them. Nonetheless, when choosing a payroll company it is best shop around. Some payroll service companies may appeal to a particular company need, or have a user interface that is more intuitive for management. Companies should evaluate potential payroll processors based on price, access options, client support and service availability to find the right match.

Hurry, Paychex is Open! Only 11 hours 56 minutes left! Call 1-866-329-4808