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About ADP Payroll Services

As one of the largest and most trusted payroll companies around, ADP processes payroll for businesses worldwide. Currently, they are responsible for the payroll of one out of every six U.S. workers. Their corporate headquarters is in New Jersey, but they have dozens of regional offices around the country to service their 600,000 customers. with over 60 years of experience, they are a smart choice for payroll processing for many small businesses.

ADP payroll provides fast and flexible payroll options, including their Procure-to-Pay electronic invoicing system, which is designed to help you manage cash flow accurately before the payment cycle is complete. They also offer multiple methods for paying employees, including an electronic pay card option for workers without traditional bank accounts. As a company, ADP also prides itself on helping businesses integrate payroll functions with human resources. They provide help with taxes and can assist you in using payroll services to meet new health care requirements.

ADP Quick Facts

# Employees:60,000+
# Clients:Approx. 600,000
Headquarters:Roseland, NJ
Ticker Symbol:ADP

Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Processing

Outsourcing to a payroll service like ADP provides many advantages. The time and money involved in doing your own payroll processing is valuable, and letting the experts take control of this important facet of your business is more efficient. Payroll companies help you avoid costly tax penalties, which may even include interest on money made after one easy-to-miss mistake. Services like those provided by ADP eliminate that by handling your tax forms directly, managing your reports, and assuming the fines if anything ever goes wrong.

A Payroll Service for Businesses of Any Size

ADP’s Enterprise Payroll Services also offer solutions for large employers. They provide trusted and efficient benefits services, labor management services to track attendance and vacation time, and even help screening new hires. Though they specialize in payroll, everything from wage garnishment to retirement services falls under their umbrella. They serve over 5,000 large employers, including nearly half of the largest multinational corporations. Operating in 26 countries, service is tailored specifically for their global clients.

Convenience of Online Payroll

The online interface provided by ADP payroll services allows you to access your payroll information from a mobile device, anywhere you go. You can also pull up real-time reports on the payroll status of your business, as well as your company’s financial records and expenses. If you have any trouble using the system or simply want to learn more about your options as a customer, payroll and tax specialists are also available by phone, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Is ADP Payroll Right for Your Business?

When you are shopping for a payroll service that will meet your business needs, it’s important to compare multiple providers before making a decision. Technology has given small businesses a world of freedom and opportunity to manage their finances and expand, and it has also given them choice. Make sure you have found the best company to save you money and to partner with you on the road to further growth. Call 1-855-651-6819 today to learn how ADP stacks up against Paychex, another leading payroll provider.