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Running a business is hard. Paying your employees shouldn’t be. Make your payroll process simpler, reduce your exposure to risk, and get more accurate processing by partnering with a professional payroll services company.

Whether you just want online access or a completely hands-free solution, you’ll have an array of options available. To determine which is the right choice for your business, enter the number of people you employ in the accompanying form.

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Small Business Payroll

Tired of putting time into managing your own payroll? Good news — we have the solution for you! Let a professional team eliminate the hassle and headaches of payroll processing, giving you more reliable results and freeing you up to focus more on you business.

Online Payroll

Combine the reliability and protection of professionally processed payroll with the convenience of online and access. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily submit your payroll online. Your data can also be easily imported into popular accounting software, like QuickBooks, saving time and improving accuracy.

Large Business Payroll

Ensure that your business remains informed and compliant with changes in tax rates and regulatory rulings by working with an expert payroll services team. For companies with 50+ employees, a complete payroll solution improves efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

HR Services

Need help with more than payroll services? Not a problem — get expert help with your human resource needs, including:

  • Custom employee handbooks
  • Background checks
  • COBRA administration
  • 401(k) management
  • and more

Expert Payroll Help Just a Phone Call Away

One of the advantages of using a professional payroll service company is having access to expert advice and support when you need it. Companies like Paychex, ADP, and Intuit can all offer assistance with:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Instituting a retirement plan
  • Managing time off requests
  • Improving your performance review process

To learn more about the differences in customer support and services offered by each of the major payroll companies, visit our payroll service comparison section.

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Payroll Service Advantages

Payroll Accuracy

Processing your payroll manually can lead to many simple errors. Utilizing the automated services provided by major payroll companies like Paychex, ADP, and Intuit can potentially reduce the likelihood of these types of mistakes.

Time Savings

It makes sense that you’re faster and more accurate when working on tasks that you regularly do (and enjoy). The inverse is true as well — most business owners waste too much time on payroll, a task they’re not equipped to do quickly. Outsource your payroll to the experts and spend more time focusing on growing your business.

Guaranteed Protection

Many payroll processing companies guarantee the accuracy of both the paychecks they process and the tax payments they make on behalf of their clients.

As long as any information you supply (your employee hours, rate of pay, etc) is accurate and entered on time, the payroll company may assume any tax penalties, bank fees, or other related charges. Likewise, they will typically credit back the cost of service in any month during which they have an error. Before choosing a payroll company, make sure you know what types of guarantees they make based on the level of service you select.

Simple Accounting Integration

The major payroll processing companies like Paychex, ADP, and Intuit have worked to make their payroll solutions integrate easily with major accounting applications like QuickBooks. Outsourcing your payroll should make it easier for you to get accurate and timely information to your accountant.

Help with Other HR Needs

Paychex, ADP, and Intuit do more than just payroll. Now you can have your payroll processing service run by the same company that handles other important HR tasks, including employee on-boarding and benefits management.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying…

“I can hardly believe that I wasted so many months struggling to do my business’s payroll on my own now that I know how easy and affordable it was to outsource.”
– Nora F, New Jersey
“As a small business owner, it feels like my time is always under attack. Moving our payroll and HR tasks off my plate has made it easier to focus on the things I’m good at and like doing.”
– Danny A, Pennsylvania
“Online payroll has been a life saver for me. Log in, a couple of clicks, and I’m good to go.”
– Jason P, Texas

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